The association’s target is :

  • To save historical fire equipment principally of the Puy-de-Dome county but also from all over France and Europe
  • To give a home for all persons that are interested in the protection of historic fire equipment. They may be volunteer or professional fire fighter, or only and simply civilians.
  •  To simplify the recuperation, the refurbishment or the repair of materiel, equipments, and documents that have served or is still on used by the fire brigades
  • To increase the value of the historic equipment of the county
  • The distribution of an information magazine for members and supporters
  • Organize meetings, museum visits and amicably excursions
  • Participation in manifestations that are organised by other associations  or museums, with the target to cooperate.

We participate in the following manifestations year by year

  • County
    • Round trip of the « gardes ».
    • Centenaries of fire brigades.
    • Communal Manifestations.
    • Manifestations of fire brigades.
    • Fair of  Clermont Cournon.
  • National.
    • 2003 Alsace Bischwiller
    • 2003 Rhône Amplepuis.
    • 2004 Aveyron Campuac.
    • 2004 Alsace Haguenau.
    • 2004 Var Cavalaire.
    • 2005 Essonne La ferté alais.
    • 2006 Retromobile Paris
  • European .
    • 2001 Brighnorth Angleterre.
    • 2003 Buhl Allemagne.
    • 2005 Bled Slovénie.
    • 2005 Hanovre Allemagne.
    • 2005 Beltring Angleterre.
    • 2006 Schönstadt Allemagne

Actually we take care for 140 engines (lorries, motor pumps and Hand pumps)

We also have the support of about 20 engines owned by our members.

We are able to present :

- French equipment dated from 1740 until today

- Foreign equipments dated from 1840 till today (15 different countries)

The engins we may present are :

- French engines from 1830 to 1980

- Foreign engines from 1850 to 1975

All over the year work is done to keep the engines in a full functional status. All engines that are given for own to the association are take over under the convention to be returned in case of the suppression of the association.

Each of the vehicles is declared to the French Federation of Historic and Collectible Vehicles (FFVE), where we are listed under number 908.

Due to the lack of space and financial shortness, we are actually not able to set up big refurbishment work.

To cover our vehicles we have actually buildings with 4000m² at our disposal.

In 2006 we counted 43 members and 8 honoured members (fire fighters, retired, handicapped or civilians interested by the Fire brigades).

We are preparing actually the French National Fire Fighter congress of 2007 at Clermont – Ferrand following four main themes:

- History ant static exposition of the congress.

- Historical and museum  colloquia of the national Fire Fighter Federation.

- Historical parade at Clermont-Ferrand.

- European meeting of  historical fire fighter vehicles. copyright 2019 Cyberiom